A Historic Preservation & Cultural Education Initiative -  Nanto City, Japan
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Historic Architecture Research Advisor

Professor Sachio Ueno  上野幸夫

Professor Sachio Ueno specializes in Architectural Historic Preservation and Restoration and has led over 300 renovation and restoration projects throughout Japan. 

In 1991, Mr. Ueno was dispatched to Nepal as Preservation Specialist by ODA to consult for International Cooperation for Cultural Asset Preservation initiative.  

Since1997, Mr. Ueno works as Professor of Shokugei Gakuin  (International College of Craft & Arts, Toyama) where he spearheaded a 10-year restoration project for Zuiryuji Temple in Takaoka.  Ueno also contributed in important research and restoration works including Thatch-roof architecture of UNESCO Heritage Gokayama and Zuisenji's San-mon Gate with dragon wood carvings. 

He is also the Chairman of Traditional Craftsman Technology Culture and his work has been published widely.  His contribution in cultural preservation has received numerous recognitions from Toyama prefectural and municipal governors, Chamber of Commerce, Architects Organization, Rotary Club to name a few. 

Inami Cultural History (Wood Carving) Research Advisor

Professor Emeritus Soichiro Hasegawa   


Born into an artisan family, Professor Hasegawa practiced wood carving since childhood and studied Sculpture at Toyama University. For over 20 years, Hasegawa has devoted his career in academic research and teaching 3D Design and Sculpture. In 1990, he was appointed by the Ministry of Education as Researcher at Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. He became Professor of Art and Design at Toyama University in 1992.


Hasegawa wood sculptures was exhibited in Ginza and Toyama and has received multiple recognition for his contribution in craft promotion and revitalization work.He is one of the core initiator of Inami International Wooden Sculpture Camp 30 years ago. The camp is held every four years involving about 20 Japanese and international sculptors.


He also contributed in promoting cultural activities including founding of the Inami Art Museum.  He hold active roles as consultant, jury and committee members of various cultural preservation, art collection and craft organizations and had received various recognition for his contribution in arts and crafts.


Hasegawa published various literary works in art and wood sculpture.He is currently writing a book on the history of Inami Wood Sculpture and Taishido temple, enshrining Shotoku Taishi who propagated Buddhism in Japan 1450 years ago.

Project & Management Advisor

Katsuhiko Nakajima  中嶋勝彦

Mr. Nakajima worked for Mitsubishi Oil Company (now merged to become the biggest oil company in Japan, JXTG) specializing in oil trade and finance, and has been a board member.  He later became a Professor and Chairman of Business Management Department at Teikyo Heisei University in Tokyo until 2014.


His father ran a craft retail business in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture, and Nakajima grew up surrounded by Japanese traditional art and craft works. 


After retiring from the corporate and academic world, he spend most of his time at his wife’s family residence in Inami and occasionally in Tokyo.  He is passionate in promoting traditional hidden value of Inami craft and culture.  And he relentlessly encourages the community to recognize the value and preserve local craft legacy and culture. 


He highly appreciates Mikki Tam’s activities and has been supporting the RISD project with practical advices.

Project Research & Coordinator

Nayumi Fujita Matsukura  松倉奈弓

Ms. Matsukura studied in the U.S. from 2009-10 as a university exchange student. After graduation, she worked as a librarian at the public library in Aichi Prefecture. In 2014, she joined the International Office at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies (her Alma Mater) and had coordinated assistance for over 100 students desiring to study abroad every year. She also attended various international conferences in the US and Europe.


In June 2019, Ms. Matsukura became the Community-reactivation Operator of Nanto City (南砺市地域協力隊) and has since moved to Inami.  She is passionate in revitalizing the local towns with arts and craft heritage.

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