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Japan, anyone?

Summer is here! We are anticipating a hotter than usual summer in Japan this year... Totally not looking forward to it (the muggy-ness...ugh...)

BUT, mark your calendar. Or even better, start planning your year-end trip.

Prime Minister Kishida just announced, for the first time in 2 years, Japan will be reopening its border for international tourists starting next June 10! CHEERS!

This week, limited number of small tour groups with tourists meeting vaccination requirement are allowed to enter as a test, there is a list of countries eligible to enter the Japan (including US, Australia, Singapore and major EU countries). And there is limited head-count allowed per day.

Based on the COVID condition, more quota and eligible countries will be announced in the coming months. Would you join the Tokyo and Kyoto Rush? Or would you rather take your time to travel deeper to see craft and culture and help revitalize rural historic towns? Either way, we are happy to see visitors from afar.

We have been working on new experiential travel program in the sunny southern island of Kyushu these days, which includes ceramics, kintsugi, furniture and woodcraft, food and forestry/agriculture. Definitely stay connected with us. We will provide more updates as things progress. I am excited! Are you?

Also, we will be launching a fun kickstarter project next month, we hope to receive your continuous support and feedback. Check out our artisan's stories and store at and sign up to receive newsletter! See ya!

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