Tokyo, October 2, 2019

Taketombo Corporation is honored to receive the prestigious 2019 Good Design Award, organized by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, under the New Business Design category. 

The world is obsessed with speed and productivity. When investments fall mainly in technology: AI, VR, AR, robotics..., a young social innovation entrepreneur was inspired to venture into cultural sustainability.


Taketombo prompts modern-day designers to take a pause and evaluate the value perception of objects they design and produce.  Collaborating with rural craft towns and heritage artisans, this social enterprise initiates Social Innovation activities in rural Japan and engage overseas Creators to re-energize declining towns through culture travel and design incubation initiatives. 

​東京 10月2日



そうして始まったタケトンボは、目まぐるしい現代を生きるデザイナーたちに、少し足を止めて、自らがデザイン・製作するモノの価値をじっくりと見直す機会を提供します。そして海外のクリエーターたちに日本の工芸品や伝統職人などのコミュニティーとコラボレーションさせることで、日本の地方で社会変革を起こし、文化体験ツアーやデザイン インキュベーションなどにより海外のクリエーターたちを惹きつけ、活気を失いつつある地方の再活性化を進める活動をしています。

The Good Design Award Jury's evaluation:

"A really thoughtful and well-delivered enterprise that has already been proven in the market."

"The overall vision is ambitious and the international links bring a unique angle to this craft revival activity. In addition, the product samples shown are delightful and deliver on the promise."

From the Founder of Taketombo Corp:

"I am incredibly humbled by the recognition from JIDP's Good Design Award.  There is never a boring day in Japan being a creative social entrepreneur of diverse background.  And it is my distinct creative and cultural background that I believe will bring unique insight and experience to my audience, while 'politely disrupt and provoke' the craft world in Japan.  I would like to share this award with the great people and my 'ouen' committee in Tokyo, who relentlessly lent me a hand when I was physically and mentally "stranded" during this journey.  Looking forward to more exciting projects ahead."

View the entry  here.




株式会社タケトンボ 創設者の声



If you happened to be in Tokyo, come visit the Good Design Exhibition.

Date:  October 31 - November 4, 2019

Time:  11:00 - 20:00

Free Admission. 

Venue:  TOKYO MIDTOWN Akasaka 9-7-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Excerpt from Good Design Award webpage:


The Good Design Award is a movement aimed at enriching our lives and society through design. Since the foundation in 1957, it has been commonly known together with the "G Mark", the symbol of winning the award.

Good Design Award has recognized various objects surrounding us, including industrial goods, architecture, software, systems, services and so on. No matter tangible or intangible, Good Design Award will take it as design, evaluate and honor its quality, as long as it is created to fulfill certain ideals or purposes.

The Good Design Award is Japan’s only comprehensive design evaluation and promotion program launched by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (today’s Japan Institute of Design Promotion) in 1988, based on the Good Design Selection System (or G Mark System) established by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (today’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) in 1957.

Over the course of 50 years, it evolved from selected industrial goods to covering good designs in multiple categories including architecture, social activities, new business model, software systems, both tangible and intangible. 

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