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Fukuoka Artisan Stories

One of Taketombo's initiative is to create series of articles and media documenting various traditional Japan crafts.  Through interviews, we hope to dig deeper into the mindset of craftperson to understand their discipline and dedication, to document little-known and lost crafts, and provide authentic stories for the international community.

In April, we were on-location filming traditional potters at Tohomura, Fukuoka.  We will be introducing 2 styles of Japanese ceramics: Koishiwara ware and Takatori ware.  Many thanks to the following 3 family kilns for their hospitality.



Yamamaru Kiln - 14th Generation Ceramist

ヤママル窯元14代目 − 小石原焼

YAMAMARU Kiln - Koishiwara

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New Artisan Stories

New Artisan Stories

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