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Neriage in Arita

Arita is the birthplace of Japan porcelain ware when fine kaolin was first discovered at Izumiyama hill during the 17th century.   It has ever since been the breeding ground for exceptional quality porcelain work, providing for the Royals, the Europeans as well as daily use by locals.   Aside from the well-known cobalt underglaze and polychrome enamel paintings, Arita's unique ceramics culture also brews various independent ceramic artists of different specialities. 


Here we present you "Neriage" master, Mr. Yuji Kusaba, who dedicated his life in perfecting the art of patterning. 

艸窯 (そうがま)


SOUGAMA - Neriage Porcelain Artist

Taketombo is excited to announce partnership with

Mr. Kusaba of Sougama

for porcelain Neriage workshop and design incubation. 

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