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Art & Design Incubator (Academics)

Art & Design Incubator (Professional)

We'd love to collaborate with academics and cultural institutions and understand your coursework or research topics: architecture adaptive reuse, product and furniture design, town planning and renewal, fine art thesis, independent studies, documentary projects...etc.

We challenge all young artists and designers to rethink the value of crafts and handmade products in the 21st century.  Revisit and rebuild relationship between creators and makers. Your stay will spark new creative energy in the realm of traditional handworks.


Calling Artists, Architects, Designers, Cultural Writers and Researchers.  
Program is open to any individual or small groups looking to develop own project(s) relevant to selected town crafts, material, history.

Be part of the movement in sustaining craft legacies and reinterpret craftsmanship in the 21st century.

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