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A message on COVID-19 pandemic

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

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We sincerely apologize that TKTB is suspending all travel curation service until further notice. As with all industries, business is hurting, but we understand each of us, as an individual or as a company, has our responsibility in ensuring community heath and well-being, and battle this pandemic collectively by curbing its spread. Please continue to support and stay connected with us. As a young social start-up, our work has just begun, we are looking ahead, and we persevere.

We are battling not only a pandemic, but a crisis intertwined in politics and infrastructure flaws. It is a lot for anyone to carry and stay hopeful. If you are already super frustrated and stressed, and have no mood or energy to go about the world's problem, turn off the news or your smartphone for a moment. When you get to close your video conference APP and shutdown your laptop, perhaps pick up the book you claimed you never have time to read, or pick up the pencil to write or draw your thoughts. Go make things (make a mask? make food?). We do not have to multi-task in order to feel we are living in the present, to prove that we are productive. This may be the only time you get to take a break before the world starts spinning again.

Now that many of us are experiencing isolations and lockdowns, it is a good time to reflect on the way we live, we consume, we spend our time and investments, and how we perceive productivity. The world is at a rare moment of pause for us to gain some new insight. We may be apart, yet we are still easily connected by technology, so think who in any physical distance, are in most need and how we can help them?

Salute to those who are working at the frontline while we are slowing down. Their dedication and selflessness teach us the beauty of humanity. After coming out of the crisis, let's all apply the same passion and kindness to our Planet Earth, and Planet Earth will pay us back with abundant goodies. We will become smarter, more resilient, kinder and more energized. In a few months, there will be plenty for us, as global citizens, to repair and fix. Which part will you help to fix?

When you learned not to worry about toilet paper supply, and when the planet is ready for you to go on a new journey of learning again, call me. In the meantime, stay positive, stay home and find peace.

P.S. Stay connected with us as we will make new announcement when Taketombo picks up a new exciting journey again (I promise it will be a beautiful, warm, welcoming and sunny place next!) SUBSCRIBE












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