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Fall excitement! (updated 10/7/2018)

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

Two events in Kyushu that Taketombo will report on!

We are supposed to be visiting the festival on 10/8 but typhoon landed Kyushu area today.

Koishiwara Fall Ceramics Festival in Fukuoka: Due to typhoon, festival has been postponed to Nov 23, 24, 25 Labor Day Weekend! Even better with foliage viewing~ Over 50 kilns will be part of the open market. This is the best time to get Koishiwara ware and Takatori ware as featured in as price will be lowered than normal time. Time to stock up!! ;-) Can't wait to also visit our old friends at Hansen Takatori, Yamamaru and Marudai.

Check back to see photos and live feed from the event on Oct 8!! (Oct 7 update: Festival postponed, and typhoon is gone! TKTB will be there this weekend to visit our artisan friends)

photo credit: City of Karatsu

Another exciting event is KUNCHI Festival in Karatsu on Nov 2,3,4!!! I missed the matsuri last year. Vow to go back to see it.

This 400 year-old Shinto ceremony has been named UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. The floats are said to be one of world's largest dry lacquer ware. This is the biggest event in town, and accommodations get booked up way in advance! I just couldn't wait to see the big fish being paraded down the street!!! What is up with the lion-version fish?!?! I'll find out and report here. Check back in Nov!

Photo credit: City of Karatsu.

Check out the photos of the Hikiyama (floats) here, in Japanese:

Fall is the best time to travel, more to see other than Fall foliage. KEEP GOING!!

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