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Language in reverse

These few weeks has been about catching up with TKTB's content work. So much story to tell!!! Been traveling too much since end of April. (Sorry for missing in action!) Researching, reading, writing all the transcripts, subtitles, blogs and all. Today, I was emailing my translator, I wrote "It is not easy I understand". OK. Grammatically, in English it still makes sense (if I add a comma in between). It shows how switching between multiple languages really messes up your head. I remember whining about losing English grammar and vocabulary articulation from moving and working in different countries. First Ching-lish, now it's becoming Japlish. ;-o For those who know Japanese will know about the "reverse syndrome".

It's the same with my driving. In Japan, I turn on the window wiper when I want to signal. In Los Angeles, I ALSO turn on the window wiper when i want to signal.... Muscle memory in MAJOR CONFUSION ... LOL

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