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On-the-ground reality

This is not any new topic. Everyone in the world knows Japan is facing serious aging population concerns, triggering issues relating to work force, medical and health insurance, even car accidents just to name a few. When conducting research during business planning, I was alarmed by all the statistics... something like by 2040, Japan over 65 population will be 38%, some predicts 40% etc....

Recently, I noticed TKTB's hometown (Nanto) published monthly census record. I am not a statistics or social economics expert. But reading on-the-ground (scaled-down) figures compare to reading a country's statistic does grounded the reality. I guess when the scale gets smaller, the number feels a bit less abstract. What?! We are losing 50-60 people a month (every month, every year) in this tiny town?? And what 2040?? We are already AT 37% (for Age 65 population).

I wonder how is it compare to other towns/cities in other countries, like Providence, RI, smallest States in US. Are there few dozen people disappearing by the month? (well including relocation.. of course.)

Really? Making more babies will fix the problem?? Not very convincing.

*records from Nanto City Government webpage

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