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Ultra-Soft Present

My humble little used-car was delivered to my doorstep on a platform tow truck, Mr. Hayashi handed me the keys, document and invoice, and showed me my special present (trunk loaded with toilet paper) and politely bowed and drove away! I later asked my friend, what if I drove away and disappear without paying for the car!!!

Even if I intended to, I guess I couldn't get myself to do it. Not after the attentive service and "omotenashi" I just experienced. I now understand the real meaning of omotenashi (Japanese hospitality), it is about "touching one's heart".

For the locals, they may find this expected and normal, but for someone coming from US (with certain perception about car salesperson), this is extremely special. Who would have guessed 96 rolls of toilet paper would do such MAGIC!! :-)

My 2018 inventory of toilet paper!!!! :-D (which I drove around town with, too lazy to remove them)

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