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Creative Team-Building or
Off-site Corporate Training / Retreat

We host team-building or experiential retreat for creative organizations.  When your team is in need to step out of the "daily structure" and be refreshed, or have the need to brew a different energy for a creative assignment.  Be inspired by nature, cultural history and reconnect with tactility.

Based on your objective, we provide group accommodation, facility setup, workshop planning, local craft experience or collaboration, and design thinking facilitation support. 

Your visit will bring excitement and energy to a historic town seeking revitalization. Plan your inspiration trip with us!

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"Creatives are so overworked in the current industry.  As a creative leader, I see my team getting sucked into a bad commotion of crunched deadlines and unproductive meetings, resulting in fatigue and mediocre deliverables. 

Off-site is our only channel to recharge and catch a breath. We are not doing this enough."

- Anonymous Creative Director of an advertising agency

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