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Taketombo Curious Case



Porcelain artist - CANADA
Specialty:  Underglaze painting, small objects
Duration:   23 days in Kyushu
Home-base studio:   Sougama, Arita
Historic ceramics towns visited:   7
Kilns visited:   10
Workshops:   3
Ceramics shops visited:   45+ (lost count)

I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to discover the world of ceramic through the eyes of local shokunin san (Japanese artisans).  

When I learned about Taketombo's program I did not hesitate to try.  It was exactly what I was looking for.  I love traveling but I'm not an adventurer.  I love discovering but I am a bit shy when it comes to talking to locals and going off the beaten path. 


Taketombo allowed me to plan a trip to explore new areas of Japan which I had never been to, to try different workshops and types of clay, to meet locals and see craftsmen and women's work in their studios and at various kilns.

I spent 10 days in Arita at Sougama kiln learning Neriage. Although I am experienced in Ceramics I had never tried Neriage. It was an amazing experience to learn and work next to Shokunin san. I was also greatly inspired by all the pottery fairs and festivals I attended.  Saga prefecture's various styles, patterns and design brought me new inspirations to create a new line of jewelry. 

I am now back home trying to apply all the knew knowledge I acquired while traveling with Taketombo.                               

                                                               - Jeremie

Arita and it's surrounding towns have so much history. (Coming from a country that did not value it's native culture until recently)

I was amazed at the century old culture. 


Since Taketombo has contacts with locals, it was easy to visit and gain access to small kilns and do workshops with the master craftsmen.

- Jeremie Pare-Julien


it's your turn to see the authentic craft world of Japan. 

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