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9.1. 2020  COVID19 As the World Turns

Our life has become such a "trial-and-error" since the COVID19 pandemic is so unprecedented. Still looking forward to the day that we all become smarter and better. 

As we slowly progess through this pandemic, Taketombo has been sharing more regional culture, history and crafts stories on social media. (please follow us on FB or IG)  Not only because this is the time I started achiving and inventorying materials. But to also remind ourselves the beauty of culture and nature, the fun of experiencing a foriegn country, and what new insights there is from Japanese artisanship that will help us assess our current lifestyle or behavior.  Thank you all for supporting and following the stories while we are staying connected during this time of limited mobility.  The most comments I received were "Can't wait to be on the road again" and " Hope someday I can travel and see this myself."   YES!  That day will come!

Updates from Japan (as of Sept 2, 2020): 

Government has been promoting domestic travel shortly followed by the 2nd wave of COVID cases, it is controversial as to the relevancy of such move because many new cases occured in industires not related to tourism and mainly in the metropolitans.  Many people are rethinking urban life vs rural life these days. And rural prefecture residents are concerned about cross-prefecture visitors as the rural regions have high concentration of senior citizens with limited medical emergency capacity.  We take precautions in visiting our artisans in the rural areas to ensure health safety.  And we have much to thank them for their cooperation during this time, so our readers can enjoy the wonderful stories on our platform.  


Japan has yet to re-open international travel.  It is currently limited to business travelers and residents (returnees) that have been stuck abroad in the past months.   At the same time, Japan is anticipating 2 upcoming world events (Tokyo Olympic in 2021 and Osaka World Expo in 2025).  This "unprecedented trial-and-error" period will lead to better and safer travel measures when the industry re-opens.  

Taketombo is now accepting inquires to discuss your 2021 Japan travel planning and any creative collaborations (both digital or physical.. or even postal! ).   So, stay connected, send us any question you have via email, or our inquiry forms in the PROGRAM page. 

Keep Going!



7. 11. 2020  COVID19 connection.

4 months later, we have learned a bit more (and are still learning) about the pandemic, our behaviour and our limitation.   Life is a process of unending lessons.  That's what makes it so adventurous.  

What's the update from Japan?  There are talks about 2nd wave of virus-spread hitting Japan, mainly in metropolitan Tokyo due to the density and nightlife.  I believe there will be n-waves of these infection, globally, until we have a vaccine.   Like many other countries, international travel is still restrictive at the time of writing.  But won't be forever.  Everyone is anticipating the day we resume global traveling and reviving the collapsed tourism industry.   And knowing Japan, this will be one of the top choice for overseas travel after the pandemic.  All because of the well-known diligent and disciplined culture of Japanese people.  Think peace of mind, think hospitality, that's Japan.  


This past week, a large part of Kyushu suffered from enormous flooding due to week-long torrential rain.   Climate change is making these storm fronts ever more unpredictable and intense each year.  For 2020, disaster relief and rural town-rebuilding is becoming challenging in the midst of battling the COIVD19 pandemic.  My voice may be small, but it is my desire to call for your continuous attention and interests to these lesser-known regions, when resources largely focus on reopening tourism in Tokyo, Osaka and  Kyoto.   How?  Simply follow us.  Communicate your thoughts and support.    

Currently, Taketombo is reinventing itself, we are pretty darn good at this! Being Creative rocks.  Traveling is no doubt the fun part of our program, and being a travel fanatic myself, I believe there is no substitute for it.  (No Zoom meeting nor VR goggles please).   However, we are reminding ourselves that building connections and communication is in fact the core mission of TKTB.  We are picking up other means and methods in achieving this. 

If you like what Taketombo has been doing, please stay connected with us (subscribe our newsletter, follow us on FB or Instagram).   We have more interesting initiatives and stories to share in the near future, even if we are not physically meeting up (for the time being).   We would love to hear your thoughts and comments as well, afterall, it takes 2 to tango.    

Keep Going!



A  message on COVID-19 pandemic 3.25.2020

We sincerely apologize that TKTB is suspending all travel curation service until further notice. As with all industries, business is hurting, but we understand each of us, as an individual or as a company, has our responsibility in ensuring community heath and well-being, and battle this pandemic collectively by curbing its spread. Please continue to support and stay connected with us. As a young social start-up, our work has just begun, we are looking ahead, and we persevere.


We are battling not only a pandemic, but a crisis intertwined in politics and infrastructure flaws. It is a lot for anyone to carry and stay hopeful. If you are already super frustrated and stressed, and have no mood or energy to go about the world's problem, turn off the news or your smartphone for a moment. When you get to close your video conference APP and shutdown your laptop, perhaps pick up the book you claimed you never have time to read, or pick up the pencil to write or draw your thoughts. Go make things (make a mask? make food?). We do not have to multi-task in order to feel we are living in the present, to prove that we are productive. This may be the only time you get to take a break before the world starts spinning again.


Now that many of us are experiencing isolations and lockdowns, it is a good time to reflect on the way we live, we consume, we spend our time and investments, and how we perceive productivity. The world is at a rare moment of pause for us to gain some new insight. We may be apart, yet we are still easily connected by technology, so think who in any physical distance, are in most need and how we can help them?


Salute to those who are working at the frontline while we are slowing down. Their dedication and selflessness teach us the beauty of humanity. After coming out of the crisis, let's all apply the same passion and kindness to our Planet Earth, and Planet Earth will pay us back with abundant goodies. We will become smarter, more resilient, kinder and more energized. In a few months, there will be plenty for us, as global citizens, to repair and fix. Which part will you help to fix?


When you learned not to worry about toilet paper supply, and when the planet is ready for you to go on a new journey of learning again, call me. In the meantime, stay positive, stay home and find peace.


P.S. Stay connected with us as we will make new announcement when Taketombo picks up a new exciting journey again (I promise it will be a beautiful, warm, welcoming and sunny place next!)

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