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Hida region is an ancient town in the mountainous area of Gifu prefecture.  Furukawa thrived as a craft and merchant town in the 15th-16th century due to its rich forest resources.  


While its twin city, Takayama is crowded with tourists, Furukawa remains quaint and quiet.  It receives recent mass attention and visitors due to the popular anime “Your Name” (kimi no na wa) where several landscape  scenes were inspired by real locations from this town. But the real value of Furukawa lies in its long forestry and carpentry tradition and the pride in wood craftsmanship. 


The pride of Furukawa is “Hida no Takumi”, Hida’s artisan.  It is said the craftsmen from Hida built temples and shrines for then capital, Kyoto, as early as Nara period (710-784 A.D.).  


Hida no Takumi invented “kumiki” wood joinery 1300 years ago.  Artisans mastered the characteristics of different wood species and created a range of joineries, each with specific structural strength for specify use. 


Refined through time, this skillful craft addresses the needs for wood structures to be repaired and replaced without the need to demolish the entire structure.  This shows the real intelligence of Japanese wood joinery - sustainability and practicality. 

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Calling all Creators.

If you have always been fascinated by the impeccable Japanese carpentry work and joinery, we welcome you to come to HIDA, roll-up your sleeves and experience for yourself the ancient intelligence of Japanese woodwork and the pride of "Hida no Takumi" (artisan). 

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