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Taketombo is always seeking to learn and tell more craft town stories to the international community. 

We love to establish new collaboration and bridge local and global dialogs. 

If you want us to feature your town or craft story, please reach out and connect with us.

  • Prioritize rural craft towns that are seeking revitalization

  • Has one or more reputable story of craft, architecture or food culture.

  • Accessible by any means of public transportation

  • Open to cultural exchange, interest in developing the town into a cultural hub for local and international community.


  • 田舎町に視点を置き、活性化させたいと願っている町

  • 1つ以上の歴史的なものづくりや建築技術、食文化がある町

  • ある程度の交通機関がある町

  • 他の地域、または国際的な文化交流に興味がある、やりたいと願う町

Location Criteria

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